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About Us

About us

About us

IMPERA is a local consulting firm operating into two main sectors: Consulting and Trade. 

Consulting sector is specialized in advisory services to public and private sector clients in Kosovo, whereas Trade sector is specialized in supporting the SME's in Kosovo. 

Combining the experience of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the firm delivers high quality consulting and project implementation support to address the needs of government and business in developing countries.

IMPERA is recognized consulting firm that’s shares close relationships with Government agencies, international organizations, major research centers, think tanks and universities, as well as diplomatic and commercial delegations present in the country, in addition IMPERA plays a significant role in support to SME's growths in Kosovo.

Partners and Principal Associates of our firm come from some of the Kosovo’s most prestigious professional services organizations and international institutions.

Our commitment is to provide “brand name” advisory services of the highest quality, with the agility and flexibility that contemporary realities demand.

We believe in professionalism, client service, fairness and integrity.

We provide our clients with honest advice and dedicated support to jointly achieve effective results.


We seek to develop long - term professional relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


The firm’s core consulting team, supported by some of the best talent available, focuses on three key service areas:   

A) Public Sector & State Enterprise

B) Private Sector Development

C) Project Development & Implementation 

Each of these areas includes specific services that are very relevant to the agencies and international financial institutions that we serve.

We believe there is an appropriate balance between public interest and private entrepreneurship that leads to social progress and economic development.

It is in this general framework that our firm provides value added to its customers.

In today’s Knowledge Age, it is more crucial than ever to combine the right mix of experts, in order to integrate consulting teams capable of assisting in true transformational performance.

We seek to combine a variety of disciplines to be able to accomplish meaningful change.

IMPERA has a sector-focused organizational structure, seeking to maintain the necessary flexibility to manage our service delivery function in an efficient and effective way.

At IMPERA, we combine our knowledge and expertise in process excellence methodologies with people management technique, grounded the utilization of e-tool to meet your pragmatic business needs!
-- CEO.
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